The catalogue search tool explained:

The ECOMET catalogue contains all meteorological information that can be used commercially under ECOMET license. It is maintained by the Members in cooperation with the Secretariat.
In case you have questions about the displayed data or products, please contact the relevant Member (ref. the contact list). All data and products can be bought from any ECOMET Member (ref. one stop shop principle).

The catalogue contains non chargeable (NC) and chargeable (C) items. Non chargeable means the data or products are available with a zero information charge. A handling charge may be added to the final price by the ECOMET Member who supplies your data. All prices are in Euros.

A practical guide on using the catalogue search tool can be found here.

For more info on used definitions, discounts, price units and license conditions, please follow the relevant links.

Catalogue search tool