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Catalogue: Practical Guide

Practical Guide to the ECOMET catalogue search

1. Select one or more countries for which you would like to see the available data/products/stations*.
You can also select international data and products, which will give you a list of all data and products, with input of several ECOMET Members.

2. Select which category of data/products you are interested in**.

3. Select which type of data/products you are interested in**.

4. Press search or to start anew, press reset



* Please take into account that a large selection might slow the search process.

** You don't have to follow all steps, you can go directly from step 1 to step 4 if desired.

The search engine will adapt the displayed search criteria to the first selection you make, e.g. if there are no chargeable data available for a certain country, these options will not be shown upon selecting that country.

lease take into account that, after pressing search, it takes some time to load your selection. This selection will be visible by scrolling down after the page has been loaded.

If you press reset, all previous selections will be undone.